EtherCAT is a communication protocol that ensures very fast communication between the digital load cells and your PLC or control system. If you are using EtherCAT as your communication protocol, these weighing modules are ideal for your application. The fast sample rate provided by EtherCAT gives very accurate weighing results as a result of the digital measuring chain and ensures reliable and accurate weighing performance. The EtherCAT modules communicate weight, status and diagnostics for each individual load cell connected to the module.

ATEX and IECEx certified (zone 1, 2, 21, 22) EtherCAT interface module for directly interfacing up to four digital ATEX / IECEx load cells via EtherCAT. The interface module type 4X60A can also be used in non-ATEX installations


4160A, 4260A, 4360A, 4460A