Customized weighing software for demanding dosing applications

In some cases, a dosing process needs to be carried out gently and gradually to prevent foaming, overflowing, under- or overdosing, or even altering of the product’s properties. To ensure gentle and accurate dosing, Eilersen Electric A/S can offer customized dosing software to ensure the dosing is performed quickly and smoothly.

One of Eilersen’s larger customers had a challenge with the bottling of various liquid products that would foam over during dosing into smaller containers. This led to many unwanted production stoppages, as well as significant fluctuations in the quality and uniformity of deliveries. The customer therefore contacted Eilersen to find a solution to this challenge.

Eilersen’s engineers solved the problem by developing dosing software to ensure that the dosing was performed in different steps or stages, i.e. in different filling sequences. In other words, the dosing became more intelligent and customized to the customer’s specific dosing needs.

The dosing is performed in several steps

Eilersen thus developed new dosing software that ensured slow dosing at the beginning of the dosing process. This initial fine-dosing ensured that the product did not foam, preventing the risk of overflow during subsequent dosing.

After a configurable time period, the fine-dosing was replaced with faster dosing, where a larger quantity at a time was dosed. And when the setpoint, i.e. the final dosing quantity, was about to be reached, the dosing changed again – this time from coarse-dosing to fine-dosing. This final fine-dosing then continued until the desired net content was reached.

In this way, the customer is spared problems with final foaming and possible overflow of the product, as well as subsequent discoloration of containers and labels. Furthermore, the dosing became extra precise and accurate – with a deviation from the setpoint of maximum 0.025%.

The dosing software was developed with variable setpoints and can thus be adjusted to other filling and dosing tasks that the customer may perform.

The result of the new filling process is fewer production stoppages due to incorrect filling, and better product quality due to uniform filling quantity – the customer experiences no variation in this respect. Finally, waste due to overfilling is minimized, as is time spent on cleaning packaging.

Solves dosing needs in the industry

The dosing software is integrated in Eilersen’s range of digital weighing terminals, and with customized software that is adjusted to the individual customer application, it is possible for Eilersen to tackle the vast majority of dosing applications in the industry.

“Our dosing software can be incorporated in both semi-automatic and fully automatic dosing and filling systems,” says Sales Manager Michael Martinussen from Eilersen.

“The digital weighing terminal is supplied with the specific dosing software and acts as a control unit for the pumps and valves that perform the dosing of the product. The software ensures a more intelligent dosing so that the dosing is performed without problems and production stoppages.

All measuring and weighing data are forwarded to the SCADA system and stored in the manufacturer’s database for traceability. This makes it possible for the manufacturer to see how much product has been filled into individual containers during the filling and bottling process.

The actual communication with the SCADA system can take place via the various industrial communication protocols typically used in the manufacturing industry. These include EtherNet TCP/IP, PROFINET, ModBus TCP and others. 

Can be supplied with full traceability

The solution can also be supplied with a special feature that makes it possible to read barcodes and QR codes on the packaging of the packed product. The individual barcode acts as a tag for each packaging/product.

By subsequently scanning the barcode or QR code, it is possible to acquire all the information about the product. This might be the batch in question, the specific contents of the packaging and the quantity dosed. This information is extremely relevant in connection with any complaints pr product recalls.

Reliable weighing solutions

All hardware for Eilersen’s weighing and dosing solutions is extremely reliable and particularly suitable for applications where there are demands for hygienic properties and easy cleaning of production equipment. The weighing cells and weighing terminals have been developed to withstand harsh treatment in a typical production environment necessitating high-pressure cleaning with harsh detergents and disinfectants.



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