Single use

Typical issues with weighing mobile Single Use tanks / totes

Using mobile tanks / totes in pharmaceutical production processes, is often problematic for end-users as accuracy becomes questionable as the tanks / totes are repositioned.


During movement, the potential for bumping over thresholds, elevator transitions, or an accidental collision with a lab bench typically causes strain gauge load cell calibration to be lost.


The solution to this problem is to install complex mounting kits or lock-out systems to protect the load cell but these systems make the weighing process cumbersome, time-consuming and introduce significant ergonomic and safety challenges, particularly when dealing with today’s larger tanks / totes.

The risk stills remains that any movement without the prober protection can result in costly deviations or frequent recalibration.


Ensure correct weight measurement in Single Use applications with Eilersen Load cells

Due to its patented capacitive sensing technology, the Eilersen load cells can offer a reliable, precise, and risk-free weighing without any use of lock-out or re-calibration during transport.

In Eilersen load cells, the sensor is isolated from any extraneous force that may be imparted to the load cell during movement, requiring no special mounting kits or lockout to protect it.  Calibration is not required after movement; the system is ready to run immediately after being moved. 

In fact, we can even ship tanks and containers on their own wheels without any need to lock them out or protect them.   We’ve proven it time and again.


In short – the key benefits include:

  • Reliable and precise weighing at any point in time

  • Ability to move tanks / totes without lockout or recalibration

  • Pure digital solution

  • Hygienic design according to pharmaceutical production standards (e.g. clean room)

  • Ability to weld and assembly of load cells at tanks / totes manufacturer


By using Eilersen load cells, the end-customers often improve productivity by minimizing need for expensive recalibrations and risk of deviations.


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