Process Weighing Solutions

Eilersen digital weighing solutions minimize your production downtime which gives you a more profitable production process.

Accuracy, reliability, easy to clean and robustness characterize our digital load cells that supports all steps of your production process.

Our solutions are used for process weighing in, among others, the food and pharmaceutical and chemical industries where accuracy and reliability is essential. We offer you highly accurate (up to 99.99%) measurements that allows our customers to improve quality of end products, eliminate give-away and waste while optimizing the production processes.


Easy to clean

Hygiene is a decisive factor in production of food and pharmaceuticals. Digital weighing solutions from Eilersen are produced in stainless steel, hermetically sealed to IP68, and are mounted without the need for mechanical mounting kits. For this reason, Eilersen load cell installations are fast and easy to clean, and you avoid bacteria traps and hollow spaces where dust and dirt can hide.

The stainless-steel material and the hermetical sealing promises a long lifetime of the weighing components while our capacitive technology delivers a very robust weighing solution.


Diagnostics on each single load cell

Once you have installed a weighing solution from Eilersen, you don’t have to worry about it. The high overload tolerance of up to 1000 percent makes them extremely robust.

Our digital load cells give you diagnostics on every single load cell. If a problem should arise, it is fast and easy to identify and fix the problem, so you avoid long periods of downtime.

You can even change the load cell cable on-site without the need to re-calibrate the load cell. Our pre-calibrated load cells can have cables up to 100 meters without it having any effect on the calibration. This also means that you avoid rolled-up cables that gathers dirt and dust.