Eilersen is reducing carbon footprint

As a global company we have a responsibility to help future generations tackle our common environmental challenges, and we always look for more ecofriendly alternatives.

We are aware of our environmental footprint, and whenever possible, we seek to launch initiatives that help us minimize this.

When building our new corporate headquarter in 2019, we wanted to make sure that we minimized the carbon footprint as much as possible by initiating energy consumption improvements. Hence all lighting is based on automatic LED sources, which reduces our overall energy consumption. Along with this, the heating system and HVAC is based on low energy heat pumps powered by renewable energy.

We have now reached another one of the milestones in our sustainable transition. Since beginning of 2021 we have only been relying on 100 % green sustainable energy.

Likewise, we are in the process of replacing all packaging materials with recycled paper and cardboard.

This means all our digital load cells are produced with renewable energy from Danish windmills and delivered in recycled packaging


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