Renewal Of ISO 9001:2015 Certification For Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S

What does the standard include?

The ISO: 9001:2015 is the most widely used and influential international reference standard for quality management and establishes the need to systematize and formalize all the company's processes in a management system.

It ensures continuous monitoring of the company’s operations, from design to production, from training to purchasing, from support to quality control, and this results in a high level of long-term effectiveness and efficiency.

The aim is to ensure that all products and services offered comply with the regulatory requirements and meet the customer’s expectations.

What does this mean for Eilersen?

For Eilersen, this standard has been an integrated part of the operation for many years. It provides the foundation for continuous process improvement and performance and has allows Eilersen to deliver high quality products consistently.

What does it mean for our customers?

The certification is a guarantee of the quality of the work carried out by Eilersen and, consequently, of the products and services offered to the market.

It is an added value that strengthens confidence and certainty in the high level of quality of the supply at every stage of the relationship.


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