The advantages of the Eilersen load cell cables

Do you know the advantages of the Eilersen load cell cables?

The versatility is just one of their many advantages that enables us to create the optimal solution for all our customers no matter the challenge.

Our digital load cells can be supplied with cables up to a length of 100 meters. This means that you can run the load cell cables from the installation to a central panel.

At the same time, the calibration of our load cells is independent of the cable length which means you can shorten the load cell cable to the required length. That helps to keep the installation clean and tidy.

It’s also easy to change our load cell cables on site - unlike most other load cells. That means you can replace only the load cell cable instead of replacing the load cell!

And just to top that off, we can supply a host of different load cell cables for every application:
✔ Standard RG58 for all standard applications
✔ Blue ATEX (Ex) cables for hazardous areas
✔ Mud cables for offshore installations
✔ Robot cables with high flexibility
✔ Cables with Teflon for very high temperatures
✔ Spiral cables for extreme flexibility in fast moving machinery


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