Carlsberg relies on Eilersen

World-class beer has been brewed on Valby Bakke in Copenhagen since 1847. The Carlsberg specialty brewhouse Jacobsen is located in the historical, listed buildings, which poses challenges when it comes to efficient production.

However, Eilersen weighing systems that monitor and control the content of the brewery’s storage vessels and fermentation tanks help solve this problem. The installed weighing systems consist of both ultramodern digital solutions and old versions from the 1980s.

In the historical Carlsberg buildings on Valby Bakke you will find the House Brewery Jacobsen where world-class beer has been brewed for the Danes since 1847. The building’s status as a listed building is a challenge when it comes to ensuring efficient production where the staff can make use of their well-trained taste buds and brew beer around the clock.

This is a task that Jacobsen solves in the best possible way, and in close collaboration with Eilersen Electric A/S. This partnership goes back many years, which is evident when you look at both the many old weighing systems and the new digital weighing systems supplied by Eilersen.

Common to the weighing systems is the fact that they are used to monitor and register the content of the brewery’s storage and fermentation tanks. Some of the weighing systems feature local read-outs on weighing displays that also transfer weighing data to PLC while other weighing systems transmit the weighing data directly to PLC via a digital weighing module.

Reliable weighing solutions

All load cells from Eilersen are based on patented capacitive technology and made from laser welded stainless steel, which ensures both high accuracy and robustness, and the ability to withstand heavy overloading. Despite the benefits of upgrading to a more recent weighing solution Jacobsen still uses Eilersen load cells that were installed in the 1980s in that Eilersen’s load cells are very reliable and therefore still work impeccably.

Jan Juul, production manager with Jacobsen, explains the reason for the long-lived partnership with Eilersen:
“Eilersen supplies reliable weighing systems that fit well with our needs and applications. This makes the entire installation process and maintenance smooth and easy for us as customers. Eilersen provides good service and expert advice when new projects are being launched, so I’m sure Eilersen will remain our preferred supplier of weighing systems also in future.”

Benefits of gravimetric level measurement

Generally, the utilisation of load cells for level measurement – so-called gravimetric level measurement – offers a wide range of benefits in terms of hygiene, reliability and accuracy compared to other measuring principles for level measurement.

One of the greatest challenges during the manufacturing process of food and pharmaceutical products is the risk of contaminating the products. Load cells are at no point in contact with the product during the process, which is why a genuine hygienic solution is achieved. Thereby the risk of contamination is minimised, which means that consequent complaints and product recalls can be avoided and that the fantastic Jacobsen beer is bottled and enjoyed by consumers.

There is constant overpressure in the storage tanks in the House Brewery Jacobsen, which may pose a challenge to other level measurement principles because it results in imprecise and unreliable measurements.
Eilersen’s load cells only measure the load to which the storage tank is subjected and are therefore not influenced by neither the pressure in the tank nor the product’s conductivity. Even when changes occur to consistency or agitation speed, the load cells can continuously register the content with a precision of more than 99.9%. In practice this means measurements with an accuracy of only a few litres – even when it comes to storage tanks with a content of several tonnes.

Michael Martinussen, sales manager with Eilersen, agrees:
“It’s important to us that all of our customers are provided a solution that fits perfectly with their applications. And we’re able to provide this by means of our unique products, great experience and expertise in weighing,” he says.


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