Eilersen Electric A/S launches new patent-pending hygienic compression load cells

Eilersen is now releasing a new series of digital load cells in a hygienic (aseptic) design for dynamic weighing, process weighing, filling, packaging and general weighing applications targeted primarily at food and pharma customers.

The EHEDG compliant hygienic design is unique without any grooves or gaps, facilitating easy cleaning to minimize the risk of bacteria and fungus growth on the load cells and thereby ensuring an overall high level of hygiene.

All Eilersen load cells are developed and manufactured in Denmark and based on a highly accurate and very robust capacitive measuring principle.

This technology allows an installation without complicated and non-hygienic stay rods and overload protection devices which are applied in most strain gage load cell installations and which result in a non-hygienic final installation.

The absence of overload protection devices in an installation with the new Eilersen hygienic load cells further improves the existing design and thereby provides an installation which is even more simple, easy to commission and hygienic.

Patent-pending hygienic compression load cells

Eilersen’s new range of compression load cells type CL and CM are based on a patent-pending capacitive sensor design which provides high accuracies and a very high tolerance to overloads and sideloads, eliminating the need for non-hygienic stay rods and overload protection devices.

These features, in combination with the hygienic design that meets the EHEDG principles and guidelines, ensure a quick and easy cleaning, thereby minimizing the risk of product contamination. Thus, safety and quality are maximized, and the risk of expensive discarding or recalling of products is reduced, and production waste is minimized.

The CL and CM range of load cells were developed for use in primarily food, pharma and biotech installations but can be used in general to measure compression loads or forces.

The load cells come in capacities up to 25000kg per load cell and are produced in electropolished stainless steel and hermetically sealed (IP68) by laser welding.

In order to ensure a smooth mechanical installation, the new type CL and CM load cells can be supplied with a stainless steel base plate that matches the hygienic load cell design and facilitates the installation of the load cells on almost any surface.

The load cells type CL and CM are ATEX certified for installation in ATEX zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.

New ASIC provides optimal specifications

During development of the new range of load cells, there has been a focus on optimizing the specifications through a proprietary ASIC which is manufactured for Eilersen utilizing the newest technologies.

Flexible instrumentation

The new load cells can be supplied with the most common fieldbus interface options such as PROFINET, Profibus DP, EtherNet IP and Modbus TCP.

In addition, the new hygienic load cells can be supplied with a range of digital weighing terminals that include standard firmware for most weighing applications or as an option with customized firmware.


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