All load cells in our product range are developed in-house by our own engineering team and produced in our plant in Denmark. This makes us capable of developing custom-made load cells for special needs or environments, adapted to most industrial applications. Our custom-made digital loads cells are of course also available in ATEX and IECEx certified versions approved for usage in zone 1, 2, 21, and 22.

Eilersen designs customized robust digital load cells for industrial applications like on-board truck weighing, crane scales, offshore installations, web tension measurement and heavy duty applications. Eilersen also develops and produces robust load cells for specific customer applications. OIML and ATEX certified versions are available


Customized Digital Load Cells

Capacity (Emax):

Bending beam load cells up to 50tons. Compression load cells up to 500tons. Tension load cells up to 100tons. Web tension measurement up to 100kN


Depends on load cell and application

Overload Tolerance:

Up to 1000% of rated capacity