Load Cell Module MCE2010

The load cell module type MCE2010 interfaces digital non-ATEX load cells to Eilersen weighing terminals and interface modules for communication to PLCs, PCs etc . The module MCE2010 replaces module MCE9610.




Eilersen RS485 load cell bus

Special Features
Dimensions (mm)
Special Features
  • Made in Denmark
  • The Digital Load Cell Module MCE2010 interfaces the digital load cells to the Eilersen instrumentation, communication modules and other equipment with fast RS485 communication ports through the Eilersen load cell bus.
  • The Eilersen proprietary RS485 protocol is available for OEM use.
  • The connection between the digital load cell and the load cell module is a standard BNC connector.
  • The load cell module is powered through the digital load cell bus ribbon cable which is terminated in the MCE9601 terminal module.
  • Up to 16 load cells modules or other modules can be connected to the Eilersen digital RS485 load cell bus.
Dimensions (mm)





  • Prepared for panel mounting on DIN rail
  • Mounted in stainless steel housing
  • Customized application software
  • OEM version

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